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The story of ‘Flynn of the Inland’ and how he founded the world’s first flying doctor service, can be found in many places - in film, audio, print and on the web. Google ‘John Flynn Flying Doctor’ and you will be overwhelmed by choice.

This web site does not repeat what already exists.
Rather it introduces you to a less well known, but equally important, Flynn – to Flynn the map maker, photographer, journalist, nationalist and passionate advocate for what he called the Australian Inland and we now call the Outback.

Our story is told through place rather than person, through the history of:

  • the organisation Flynn founded, the Australian Inland Mission (A.I.M.)
  • Alice Springs, the town which lies at the heart of Flynn’s beloved Inland and the town he chose as his final resting place
  • controversies arising from Flynn’s work and choice of burial stone

Our aim is to encourage you now, or at some time in the unforeseeable future, to visit the Australian Inland and see some of its treasures for yourself. If you are already an Inlander we hope this web site will encourage you to visit some of the attractions on the Flynn trail.

The trail activities have been categorised according to the minimum age needed to do them. So please, if you are over 15 look in all the folders to find activities of interest. 70 year olds will, for example, enjoy the “Questions to Ask when Reading Photographs” as much as 5 year olds. Even better, adults and children should do these activities together.

The aim of these activities is to stimulate conversations between adults and kids, strangers and friends, trail site staff and visitors, locals and tourist, not to get the ‘right answer’.

Please note that this website contains images of people who have died.










Downloadable Activities for the Curious of All Ages


All files are in PDF format, some with sound. Sound files are MP3.

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Audio tour of Old Timers Museum: (PDF with audio 30MB, PDF without audio, audio MP3 20MB)

Old Timers Object Focused Riddle Cards

Adelaide House activity with audio


Flynn's AIM

Flynn's Alice

For Christ and Continent - Controversy and Contradiction

Historical Notes and Answer Sheets

National History Curriculum


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